Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Nights Are Great For TV!

So I'm writing this while I'm watching Lost so during the commercials. Let me tell you Thursday night is THE night for great tv in my view. I mean ABC is throwing Grey's & Lost at you and NBC is kicking it back with half hour shows like Scrubs, the Office, and 30 Rock, how do you decide? Well really you can't. I usually stick to watching the one hours live and saving the half hour shows for online viewing. Of course if you got the spare change you can always get DVR or Tivo that stuff to! So tonight is all about my appreciation for GREAT Scripted TV and no silly REALITY shows! Love the writers glad their back, now I'm just hoping the Actors won't flake out on me and go on a strike!

So speaking of actors and the talent side of things, I haven't brought up the gossip/rumors yet in this blog. I mean that's what makes it yummy.

First things first!
PAM ANDERSON is an American officially! She passed her citizenship test & officially is a part of the great US of A! Everyone should send her a congratulatory card of course and tell her NOT to do her reality tv show because its only going to make people not be obsessed with her life. Man no more reality shows on stars...I hope Denise is reading!

Yummy Food tidbit of the week: Tim McGraw is coming out with his own flavor of Fritos. They will be Spicy Jalapeno Fritos so if its as hot as his wife Faith then I would definitely head over to Stop & Shop and go get myself a bag!

Third order of Business:
There is a spinoff of Family Guy coming and its called Cleveland. Its by the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlene so if its as good as Family Guy I'm excited. But to be completely honest mostly why I love Family Guy is because it is set in RI my home base, so I am biased. They are already expected to air 13 episodes so we'll where it goes!

MARIAH CAREY NEWS: I know Everyone's Excited! Remember when Mariah made that ridiculous appearance on Cribs and tried to seduce the camera man with her awkward diva ways? If you don't you're lucky because I unfortunately have that image burned in my brain! Anyways she is being her ridiculous self again because one day after her rumored engagement to Nick Cannon there is another rumor that they got married. I mean if its on MSNBC how rumored could it be? Check it out for yourselves:

100 DAYS UNTIL THE OLYMPICS...CHINA BEGINS bad the rioting everywhere is getting more attention than the games...maybe they should look at why people are rioting in the first place? Maybe...I mean who looks at human rights issues when there are medals to be won? Alright I'll stop trying to bring about social change with this yummy blog promise!

On to brighter and better news:
Chocolate Wine has been invented...I don't know what it tastes like but sounds fun and worth to try:

I think thats the note I'll end this post on. Feel free to voice your opinions about any of my fun topics because I love to hear that you agree, disagree, or just love my face! Also keep coming back because this is quickly becoming a daily obsession!

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