Monday, May 26, 2008

Russia Wins Eurovision

Unfortunately for the Greek American performer Kalomira, Russia upped the anti (how do u spell that anyways) and won the annual rock & pop European competition known as Eurovision. Ironically even though they are not a European country. Their performer was a singer named Dima Bilan who sang an R&B song named Believe. He brought out the works and his performance included a live violinist and an Olympic ice skater. Well in Russia it does seem to be go big or go home and Dima apparently did not want to go home...empty handed anyways. This is the first time Russia has won the song contest which was hosted by Serbia this year and included twenty countries in competition. Bilan had 272 points, followed by Ukraine's song with 230 points, and the Greek contestant with 218. So if you're into international music, check it out, it can't be that bad if it won best song in Europe (and half of Asia for that matter).

Here is a youtube clip live of the performance:

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Cassie V said...

That was an interesting video. Did the viewers speak english? Where was the olympic ice skater...?