Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer means catching up on Film & Travel!

Yes as we approach the solstice, I think we all get bitten by the summer bug. The one that makes us hungry for big summer blockbusters and foreign lands. This year though you could get both for less, so you don't find yourself penniless when September comes. How? Renting foreign films! Not the same I know, but who knows after building up your knowledge you may be able to visit France or Japan with a little more cultural and linguistic know how! Paste Magazine has put together their list of the 25 essential foreign films, and while I do not completely agree with all on the list, I can say that they are a building ground. So sit back in your living room, sip your Pina Colada, and watch Y Tu Mama Tambien, you may just think you're in Mexico…maybe.

The Decade's 25 Most Essential Foreign Films

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Salvatore Bono said...

It is a great list and I have seen almost all of these amazing films...however, I would have taken out "Cache" and replaced it with "A Very Long Engagement," and they forgot "Tsoti" the South African film that won the 2006 Oscar for Foureign picture. I also would have replaced "Volver: with "Bad Education," also from the genious that is Almodevar.