Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CW announces two new reality tv shows for the summer

I won't necessarily say that all reality tv should be canceled, after all at the end of the day it s a guilty pleasure for many. Alot of shows can be frivolous but fun, ala The Real Housewives Series or Rock of Love, while others just won't go away ala the not very real Hills or the overcontinued Real World. Which brings me to believe that if you are going to come up with a new reality tv show you better make it good...and the CW does not want to heed that advice. The shows premiering this summer Hitched or Ditched and Blonde Charity Mafia scream what is the network thinking?!

The premises are as follow:

Hitched or Ditched
premieres May 26th at 9pm and continues for a six episode run until the end of June. It follows couples who have been in long term relationships and were nominated by friends to be on the show because the friends feel the couples have been together so long they either need to get married or breakup. Hmm...I am tingling with the idea of the emotional turmoil that will displayed on our screens? Not really.

Blonde Charity Mafia or BCM as they are known in their city of Washington D.C. follows the lives of the most influential 20-something girls in this town. Basically you get to see them attend charity events, concerts, fashion shows, etc. Singlehandedly highlighting what our congressmen shouldn't be doing with thier time, BCM, makes me nervous for the future of America...a little extreme...but really? The show will premiere on July 7th at 9pm and run for six episodes until August 4th.

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