Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Uh Oh! SAG strike could be close

SAG will distribute voting ballots to paid up members of the organization on Friday, January 2nd. The ballots will be due back for count on the 23rd. If 75% of the members vote yes to the strike then we might be on the verge of seeing some picketing. The SAG board of directors have to announce the strike before anyone does any actual picketing but if the union feels that they have not recieved what they wanted from their new contract then the announcement may very well be made. SAG is the last Hollywood union without a new deal and members have been working without a contract since June. Lets hope they are happy with their new contract or get what they want or our future films in pre/production might not get too far off the ground for awhile...not to mention what will happen to our tv viewing...I dont want to but I'll say it....More reality TV! GASP!

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